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Welcome to High Wayman Access

High Wayman Access provides solutions to building maintenance, inspection and installation problems utilising rope access techniques.

Rope access is a quick and cost effective alternative to scaffolding, cherry pickers or cumbersome cradle systems for complicated work positioning.

We use experienced multi-skilled technicians who can gain access to difficult areas on complex structures. They have been working on projects world wide for the past decade, on structures ranging from the Millennium Dome and Eden Project to skyscrapers in the United States.

High Wayman Access also specialises in building maintenance on old buildings, where access is generally more difficult and where great care has to be taken.

Rope access is extremely safe. It has its own trade association - IRATA which works in conjunction with the HSE. All technicians undergo training at three yearly intervals and level 3 supervisors have thousands of hours of experience of safety at height.

To see how we can help please look at our services and jobs pages, and feel free to drop us an email.

river mersey wall repair using rope access. Liverpool

River Mersey sea wall repairs

Rope access provided a quick and efficient way to position workers and equipment during inspection and repair work on sections of the River Mersey sea wall at Wallasy. Alternative access solutions would have been far slower and less cost efficient.(more info)